The importance of business forecasting for New Zealand SMEs

Cassie Burt | 2 MIN READ August 17, 2023

Business forecasting is an essential part of any successful business strategy. Using past data and trends, a business can use forecasting to predict future outcomes to help them make informed decisions and plan for the future. Read on to explore the importance of business forecasting and how Haven Accounting can help.

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Why is business forecasting important? 

Business forecasting is crucial in making strategic decisions and planning ahead for businesses.

The ability to forecast is essential in financial planning and budgeting. By comparing projected revenue and expenses, companies can set realistic financial targets, allocate funds and assess the feasibility of new projects or investments. This can help them to efficiently allocate resources, understand cash flow and whether they’re on track to meet all of their lending and tax obligations. By monitoring their budget against actuals each month, this allows them to pivot and make changes throughout the year if necessary. 

Another key benefit of business forecasting is that it allows businesses to compare and plan ahead for various scenarios. By anticipating market trends, consumer demand and economic conditions, a business can adapt as necessary. It also helps to identify any risks that need to be minimised or opportunities that could be capitalised on. By using business forecasting businesses are able to stay competitive and set themselves in the right direction for growth. 

Introducing Modano Software 

At Haven Accounting, we use Modano to set up dashboards and forecasts for our clients. The dashboards help them to track their cash flow, budget, create scenarios and projections. Modano integrates with Xero which enables quick and easy importing, mapping, and reconciling of historical financial statement data, then uses this data for forecasting and scenario analysis.

How can Haven Accounting help? 

At Haven Accounting, we specialise in providing accounting and business services to small-to-medium businesses. We can help future proof your business with a robust assessment of your business management and performance to put in place the best strategies to meet your needs and do what is right for the business.

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